By its very nature, lender-placed insurance (LPI) is blind to any outside influence and serves its sole purpose as protection of last resort. The only trigger to LPI is whether insurance information on a particular loan is current and compliant. Nothing else matters – not the location, age, claim, history, or other characteristics of the property.

WNC’s LPI products are technology-driven solutions for mortgage lenders and servicers to ensure continuous protection of their loan collateral. Because no matter how diligently you remind your customers about maintaining insurance, lapses or deficiencies in coverage still happen.

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“We are looking forward to our partnership with WNC with this process. It was remarkably easy for me to support our efforts in this decision. Having seen our previous vendor's product first hand and taking the time to review your product, it appears that your product and service is a better match for our organization and members."


Lender-Placed Insurance contacts

Sheri Kordsmeier

SVP, Partnership Development Team, Financial Services Division

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