Tips to Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Season

02 June 2020

Is your business ready for this year’s hurricane season? Below are steps you can take now to ensure the safety of your employees and minimize potential interruptions to your business if disaster strikes.

  • Prepare an employee evacuation plan. Assign team members to perform essential emergency roles. Conduct training with employees and perform flood drills often to ensure your staff is prepared.

  • Create a business continuity plan to minimize business interruption during a disaster. Establish emergency communication protocols and confirm you have current contact info for all staff, vendors and customers.

  • Review your flood insurance policy. Ensure you have a current photo or video inventory of your premises, equipment, and supplies.

  • Make sure that your data is backed up regularly and stored in a safe facility. Ensure that all data could be accessed remotely in the event of an emergency.

  • Consider installing a back-up generator, back-up water source, and gas or battery powered pumps to keep lower levels of your building free of water.

  • Know your building’s structural risks. Install pressure rated doors and windows. Secure outside or reinforce outdoor signs and fencing. Consider consulting a professional on removing potential tree or landscaping hazards.

  • Relocate any critical items or documents at least one foot over your base flood elevation or design flood elevation, whichever is higher.

  • Consider hiring a professional to assess and mitigate the risk of flood damage to your essential systems. This may include elevating or relocating equipment or protecting equipment by installing anchors, shields, or tie-downs.
Private Flood Insurance Offers a Wider Range of Innovative Solutions

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