FEMA Bulletins on Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Claims

NYDFS_23_NYCRR_500 (New York Cybersecurity Regulation)

H.R. 3370 - Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014

Interagency Statement on Increased Maximum Flood Insurance Coverage for Other Residential Buildings

H.R. 4348 (Div F Title II) -- Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012

Mortgage Servicing Rules under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X)

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FEMA Bulletin: NFIP Reauthorization Status

FEMA Bulletin: NFIP Lapse in Authority

Wall Street Reform Act



Accident Report Form

Agency Appointment Profile

Lender-Placed Collateral Protection

Lender-Placed Collateral Protection - Texas Only

CPI Physical Damage Losses

CPI Premium Deficiency Losses

CPI Skip Losses

Equipment Coverage Request Form


Lender Single Interest Application

LSI Physical Damage Losses

LSI Monthly Reporting Form

LSI Skip Loss

MPI Lender-Placed Hazard

MPI Manual Coverage Request Form

MPI Loss Form

New Loan & Loan Change Form

Notice By Lender to Waive Requirement to Provide Insurance

Pick a Loan CPI

Pick a Loan CPI Coverage Application

Release Waiver of CPI Coverage

Waive CPI Coverage


Compliance Matters

3-21-17 Cybersecurity Regulation in NY

1-4-17 Condominium Hazard Insurance Tracking

3-3-16 Freddie, Fannie and Condos

4-25-14 Biggert-Waters and the Affordability Act

6-3-14 Flood - Other Residential Coverage Limit Increase

5-6-13 Biggert-Waters: Questions Without Answers

2-12-13 Demystifying Surplus Lines Insurance

2-5-13 CFPB Final Rules on Force-Placed Hazard Insurance